Lugianna (lugianna) wrote in objectumsexuals,

Hi, I have a friend who is an objectumsexual...


I am here because I have a friend who has had sexual feelings for a particular object for many year , although she has only just recently found that there is a name for what she is, and that she is not alone.

After reading and watching a few articles and documentaries on objectumosexuality (sp?), and realising that what she'd read/heard strikes a chord with her, my friend is now looking for  suppport communities of likeminded people, and is thrilled to find out that she is not alone.

I shall be telling her about this site when I see her, so you may find her coming on herself to introduce herself properly. till thenm - can anyone recommend other groups/sites she might find helpful/useful?


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Hello there. I was in this same situation six months ago. I cannot recommend a group that is very active, but I can provide some information:

A) First of all, I'm willing to be an os penpal. My e-mail is rauldandrea at yahoo . com (remove the spaces of course and turn the 'at' into an @)

B) abstractwarmth is a group on LiveJournal that seems to be about this theme and has a few members...

C) There are many types of 'os'. I am a linguaphile/mechophile. Perhaps she could start a LiveJournal community about what she specifically is 'os' about (if there isn't one already)

D) For people who merely enjoy naming things/things with human names, ilovespatulas (Don't let the name fool you; is about more) leans toward os and humannamedstuff is my LJ community about this (I am 'os')

E) For people who enjoy personifying things, I have a community/blog at: objectpersonify

F) I want to start a community to discuss strategies for getting the things we love more successfully. Here is the link: os_tactics

G) For people who love machines and robots, these links might be interesting: industrialovers (my experimental one) and loving_the_ai (someone else's attempt at a more-specifically 'robot' one)

H) Word/name lovers (linguaphies) can try what I attempted here: sexynamesnwords ... There is also 'dictionaryporn' :-) on here that is good if you prefer how words sound...

I) This place might be an interesting read (especially if we can get her going again): objectsofmine

If I know what anyone on here loves specifically, I can provide more info or give further advice...

- Dave

P.S. Be glad you're in the UK. That seems to be where all the action is... well, atleast compared to the u.s...
thanks for starting all of these communities. it's good to know i'm not alone...

i'm in love with a drug.
Well good for you. I suppose that beats going around to different places saying things to people simply in the hopes that you can make them feel bad :-D
what?? i'm serious. :/ MDMA is my love, not just my high. it's been a huge part of my life since 2003, and has chased off almost all my previous boyfriends.

if you get to know me, you'll see i'm not the type to make fun of anyone. i'm very open-minded, and i sure know how it feels to be made fun of. i believe in being a nice person.
btw.. if you still believe i'm just a troll or whatever, i have the photos to prove otherwise. but i'm a bit wary of sending them to people i don't know over the internet, as i'm sure you understand. i've been made fun of a lot myself, and i don't need any more legal trouble.

i wrote more about my relationship with E at the link below, if you care to look.
I also just started a new one called appliancelove (for people who like household stuff-- I like some of this as well), but as of this second nothing has been posted there yet...