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Objectum sexuality community

The place to discuss in an intelligent and open minded manner objectum sexuality

Objectum Sexuality
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This community is for people to discuss Objectum-sexuality, whether you are objectum-sexual or not, you are all welcome to post here and be apart of the community.
I welcome everyone to post here, whether you have something negative to say about Objectum-sexuality, or positive. As long as you are a mature, intelligent and open minded individual you are welcome here, whatever your opinions are.
Though all posts have to be on topic to the community and have something to do with Objectum-sexuality.
This community does not tolerate immaturity, closed mindedness, or malicious insulting/flames.
Yes, negative comments are allowed, and yes people are allowed to disagree with each other in a mature and intelligent manner through debate and reasoning, but under NO circumstances can someone openly insult or harass another member, or post spam/flames/insults that lack logic and intelligence – doing so will result in warnings and banning.

This community is for intelligent thinkers only.

What is Objectum-sexuality?
Well, its always hard to define something like this, nothing is ever black and white or set in stone – feelings and emotions for things change, and there can never really be a true definition for something as vast as a sexuality or sexual preference.
But to give some help on the subject, Objectum-sexuality is simply to be emotionally and sexually attracted to OBJECTS, i.e. kitchen appliances, furniture, PC parts, anything that’s not human and is an inanimate object. This sexuality may differ from person to person, in drastic or small ways. Some people may feel and believe all objects have a soul, and that when they make love to the object, it isn’t masturbation, because the object has an essence, a being. Some people just find objects arousing, and use them as masturbation tools with no real emotions attached. Sometimes it gets a lot more complex, and people will want to get married to objects, or even become said objects. There is just too much of a wide variety of emotions and feelings with this sexuality (as with all sexualities) nothing is ever set in stone, there is no right or wrong way to be objectum-sexual and we are all different with our own experiences and feelings… and our own pasts that have moulded us as the human beings we are today, therefore there can be no real definition for any sexuality, as we all perceive them in different ways.
So this community welcomes people from all walks of life, with different feelings in regards to Objectum-sexuality. Discuss your experiences or your feelings anything, as long as it’s to do with objectum-sexuality, its welcome here.

One important rule to mention, please make sure ALL POSTS are friends only!!
This club was created by Pink Fairy Lotus