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Ok... I found my missing post...

I had thought I'd posted this before my last post. I'm not going to admit to where this showed up instead of this group :-D


You can bring back that whole nature vs. nurture debate that the gay community went through/is going through, but I think that in my case, there's evidence that this sexuality was an acquired behavior...

The upshots in my case are 1) I -did- have pre-puerty behaviors suggesting this line of thinking was always in me, but 2) also, my earliest objects after pueberty were brought into my life because they reminded me of women or could behave in similar ways or meet similar needs, -and- 3) I later concluded that if the objects could meet these needs, then maybe what they were standing in for wasn't really even that necessaey...

So I don't know. Maybe we're born with this and maybe this a learned behavior. Are people animals that follow programming or can they -decide- what they want? I suppose it's up to the person and, to some degree, how intelligent they are...

Because there is no doorman on this group, I'm sure we have a few hecklers here probably. I hope they are reading this too and consider all the fun they could have in life if they consider lots the new harmless things they could now be pursuing... including the topic of this LJ group.

If I've reached anyone on here and you want try this for yourself, I have only two words of advice:

Notice things.

If you look for beauty, you are more likely to find her. Therefore you choose to a large degree how much you will find :-)
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