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The outer boundaries of 'os'

Just want to comment on something. About the one person who mentioned being in love with a drug.

Really, this wouldn't be much different than being in love with a food. In both cases, you're talking about something that enters a body and leaves differently than came in. I suppose for example some people love chocolate. I listed Bailey's (the liquor drink) on a human creation admiration site because the taste is soooo good. Wouldn't surprise me if Pizza had a few admirers too...

To me, loving something changed through my contact with that something is sort of an "alien concept", but I suppose is no different really than those very sexy umbrella stands I sometimes look for that feel sooooooo good against one's body but then have always ultimately 'lost' this 'power' through contact.

Human beings tend to be "only as open-minded as their own situation requires". Like the bi-sexual who once told me "Atleast I love people" or perhaps some of the conventional os people who have trouble understanding why I could also have words or names I could love in the exact same way they love their tangibles (to me I don't even make a distinction anymore between essences and tangibles "in actual practice" really. The whole thing works and behaves the exact same way regardless... Not really that much different than moving between tangible genres really.)

Really it is the job of people with alternate sexualities (alternate anything, really) to set the example for "the rest of the world".

Just cause something is strange to me doesn't make that something "not valid". The more we know about other people's ways of happiness, the more we know about ways we can be happy". Of course one must make their own call about the "safety" of anything they partake in. Everyday objects can be dangerous (did you hear about the lamp-base I had? The same issue is true with my lovely cookie tin, Doreen. If you feel ill after kissing something, you probably shouldn't keep doing it :-D) if used in certain ways...


Now note I'm not condoning drug use. This is not a discussion about that (that's between this person and who or whatever is trying to keep him from that substance). This is a discussion about 'os', and it seems to me that whether you define os as (even natural) sh.t that doesn't move or -all human creations-, this person's mention (as long as is a romantic love) is representative of os... whether I can relate to this personally or not.
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