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Am I an objectum sexual? [Monday
May 3rd, 2010 at 2:53pm]
I have a pillow whom I am absolutely in love with. However, I am in love with my pillow not because it is a pillow but because I see it as a representation of a woman I am in love with but cannot have. I treat the pillow as that woman but I am not in love with the pillow itself though I do love its texture and smell. Whenever I am out, I long to return to the comfort of my pillow. I think about my pillow when I am not with her (yes, I do refer to the pillow as 'she' since I see it as the woman I love). I am unsure as to whether I am an OS. Would anyone be able to help me out? Thanks.

help with novel [Wednesday
April 15th, 2009 at 10:36am]

Hey guys!
I hope everyone here is in good spirits and doing well. The reason I'm writing is because I'm looking for a few people who could help me understand the realities about objectum sexuality. I'm working on a novel and am seeking a few people who would be interested in answering some questions via email. Even if you're not involved directly, but have a family member or loved one I'd love your thoughts and experiences; they would be so helpful for me. I can guarantee that your thoughts would be totally confidential, and I would willing to share information about myself if that might make things more comfortable. This post is nothing like I imagined it to be but if you'd be willing to share your thoughts and experiences I'd be extremely grateful. you can contact me via email: shelliv@tmail.com


Ok... I found my missing post... [Tuesday
March 24th, 2009 at 4:03pm]

I had thought I'd posted this before my last post. I'm not going to admit to where this showed up instead of this group :-D


You can bring back that whole nature vs. nurture debate that the gay community went through/is going through, but I think that in my case, there's evidence that this sexuality was an acquired behavior...

The upshots in my case are 1) I -did- have pre-puerty behaviors suggesting this line of thinking was always in me, but 2) also, my earliest objects after pueberty were brought into my life because they reminded me of women or could behave in similar ways or meet similar needs, -and- 3) I later concluded that if the objects could meet these needs, then maybe what they were standing in for wasn't really even that necessaey...

So I don't know. Maybe we're born with this and maybe this a learned behavior. Are people animals that follow programming or can they -decide- what they want? I suppose it's up to the person and, to some degree, how intelligent they are...

Because there is no doorman on this group, I'm sure we have a few hecklers here probably. I hope they are reading this too and consider all the fun they could have in life if they consider lots the new harmless things they could now be pursuing... including the topic of this LJ group.

If I've reached anyone on here and you want try this for yourself, I have only two words of advice:

Notice things.

If you look for beauty, you are more likely to find her. Therefore you choose to a large degree how much you will find :-)
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The outer boundaries of 'os' [Tuesday
March 24th, 2009 at 3:48pm]

Just want to comment on something. About the one person who mentioned being in love with a drug.

Really, this wouldn't be much different than being in love with a food. In both cases, you're talking about something that enters a body and leaves differently than came in. I suppose for example some people love chocolate. I listed Bailey's (the liquor drink) on a human creation admiration site because the taste is soooo good. Wouldn't surprise me if Pizza had a few admirers too...

To me, loving something changed through my contact with that something is sort of an "alien concept", but I suppose is no different really than those very sexy umbrella stands I sometimes look for that feel sooooooo good against one's body but then have always ultimately 'lost' this 'power' through contact.

Human beings tend to be "only as open-minded as their own situation requires". Like the bi-sexual who once told me "Atleast I love people" or perhaps some of the conventional os people who have trouble understanding why I could also have words or names I could love in the exact same way they love their tangibles (to me I don't even make a distinction anymore between essences and tangibles "in actual practice" really. The whole thing works and behaves the exact same way regardless... Not really that much different than moving between tangible genres really.)

Really it is the job of people with alternate sexualities (alternate anything, really) to set the example for "the rest of the world".

Just cause something is strange to me doesn't make that something "not valid". The more we know about other people's ways of happiness, the more we know about ways we can be happy". Of course one must make their own call about the "safety" of anything they partake in. Everyday objects can be dangerous (did you hear about the lamp-base I had? The same issue is true with my lovely cookie tin, Doreen. If you feel ill after kissing something, you probably shouldn't keep doing it :-D) if used in certain ways...


Now note I'm not condoning drug use. This is not a discussion about that (that's between this person and who or whatever is trying to keep him from that substance). This is a discussion about 'os', and it seems to me that whether you define os as (even natural) sh.t that doesn't move or -all human creations-, this person's mention (as long as is a romantic love) is representative of os... whether I can relate to this personally or not.
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March 9th, 2009 at 2:38pm]

hello, i am new to this community! :) for the past 3 years, i have been in a loving relationship with my fridge. her name is celeste, and she is a whirlpool roper. i view her as a female because she has many cavities, and provides me with the nourishment necessary to survive. she is almost maternal in our relationship, and i find myself protected in her company. my parents disowned me at the age of 16 due to my affairs with our microwave (i have always found the efficient sleekness of kitchen appliances alluring,) but after spending two years living with my aunt, i have finally found my own place and my one true love. since i live alone, i can be as intimate as i would like to be with celeste- and i find her beautiful boxy shape calling to me during all hours of the day. making love to her is an incredibly sensual experience, as i love her with the door open and get to feel her cool breath on my skin. i love touching my privates to her cold inner shelves, and in those few moments, i feel more connected to her than i have to anyone or anything in my entire life. i don't have room in my life for human beings. their fickle tempers and sloppy curves are incomparable to celeste's comforting and reliable embrace.

i hope to meet others like me. if you have any similar experiences, please feel free to share, especially if you have a special fridge in your life : ).

Hi, I have a friend who is an objectumsexual... [Thursday
December 18th, 2008 at 11:48pm]


I am here because I have a friend who has had sexual feelings for a particular object for many year , although she has only just recently found that there is a name for what she is, and that she is not alone.

After reading and watching a few articles and documentaries on objectumosexuality (sp?), and realising that what she'd read/heard strikes a chord with her, my friend is now looking for  suppport communities of likeminded people, and is thrilled to find out that she is not alone.

I shall be telling her about this site when I see her, so you may find her coming on herself to introduce herself properly. till thenm - can anyone recommend other groups/sites she might find helpful/useful?


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Objectum Sexuals is for Members Only [Saturday
July 30th, 2005 at 12:39pm]

Objectum Sexuals is a Members Only Community, if you would like to become a member, please feel free to JOIN.
If you do want to join please make sure to read the Rules/Info before joining up.
Thank you for stopping by.

- Platypus Monster

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